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Gift voucher


Gift voucher - a pleasent suprise for any reason

No matter whats the occasion you want donate something, with gift voucher from Vmaxx you will hav the pleasent suprise. The receiver of the voucher will be able to selct his individual accessory out of some hundred parts of the Vmaxx portfolio. 
Vmaxx gift voucher 
• Available between EUR 20,00 and EUR 1.000,00. 
• Shipment as eMail or by post, exempt from charges 
How to order the gift voucher at Vmaxx 
1. Enter the reqested amount of the voucher between EUR 20,00 and EUR 1.000,00. 
2. Select the prefered way of shipment. 
3. click "order voucher" , to forward it to the shopping card. 
4. Afterwards you can continue shopping additional parts at Vmaxx or switch to the shopping card to proceed with the finish of your order process.

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Important information

You will find our assistance for gift voucher HERE.
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