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electric installation kit JEEP Patriot until MY 2010

tow bar detachable JEEP Patriot accessories

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addon kit power supply JEEP Patriot accessories trailer coupling JEEP Patriot until MY 2010 accesorios

electric installation kit for JEEP Patriot

13 poles, car specific, for towbar
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165,20 €

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Item: 0803ES

trailer coupling for JEEP Patriot

detachable trailer coupling, turning handel for demounting, locable, automatic interlock, incl. mounting kit, towed load max 2.000 kg, vertical load 75 kg, D-Value 10,10 kN. Please note: All technical details are verified data provided by the manufacturer of the tow bar. The decisive factor are the data in the car documents of the car manufacturer
No cutout in the visible area of the bumper necessary

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311,51 €
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Item: 0803A

cable kit add on electricity and ground for JEEP Patriot

at Pol 10 and 11 of the trailer plug socket
ADVICE: Suitable as enhancement for electric installation kit 0803ES
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47,80 €
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